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Whenever a mother rejects a baby, whether it is biologically hers or an orphaned young animal, grafting becomes necessary.  There are two main instances when domestic grafting becomes a necessity.   Using cows as an example, the first instance is when a mother rejects its biological baby.  It is a common occurrence for a new heifer to reject it own calf, especially when the heifer has not given birth to a calf before.  Typically, this is due to inexperience and lack of mothering instinct.

The second instance where grafting becomes a necessity is in cases in which a mother cow has lost its biological baby and an orphaned calf is given to her in place of the lost calf.   The mother cow often does not accept the orphaned calf because it is not biologically hers.  She will often reject it and even harm the calf in attempts to keep it from feeding. 

This is a grafting spray which helps a foster or natural mother accept young orphan calves, colts, goats, and lambs.  MotherUp contains no animal by-products


$20.00 / bottle


One generous spray-down application to both the foster mother and orphan will successfully unite the two livestock. One bottle will cover approximately 4-5 calves. Occasionally a repeat process is necessary in 12 hours.


Purified water, natural plant oils, and Polysorbate 80

Net Weight:

Product contains 16 fluid oz.


Freeze / thaw stable.  If frozen, allow to thaw before using. Shake bottle well before applying.

"Money Back Guarantee" policy:
If you purchase MotherUp directly from us and find it to be ineffective in your situation, simply return the remaining portion of product, in its safety sealed bottle, to us for a full refund.

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