How it Works

***After almost 20 years in business, MotherUp livestock grafting spray is no longer in production. Our product will continue to be sold by our retailers as long as they have supply. Please check out our “Buy it Now” page to contact a retailer! Thank you for your business. We will miss all of our wonderful customers! —November 2022***

To apply this product, spray MotherUp onto the head, back, and tail of an orphaned infant and then spray it on the mouth and nose of the mother. *Full directions and warnings are listed on the bottle. MotherUp works by camouflaging the scent of an orphaned baby so that an adoptive mother will allow it to nurse from her. As the scent wears off, the mother will be accustomed to the baby’s actual scent. Because of the strong, pleasant scent and flavor of the essential oils in our product, animals typically enjoy the application. And our customers love the smell when compared to traditional methods used to graft animals. MotherUp has the scent of peppermint candy canes!


For best results, use immediately after birth.

  • Restrain the foster mother in a squeeze chute for safety while applying MotherUp ® livestock grafting spray. Avoid contact with the eyes. Extreme caution should be used in case the foster mother does not like the flavor and accidental contact with the eyes results. Animals generally like the flavor of MotherUp ® and will lick and enjoy the application.
  • Shake bottle well before using.
  • Cover foster mother’s eyes with hand. Generously apply MotherUp ® directly on her nose and mouth.
  • Cover orphan’s eyes with hand. Generously apply MotherUp ® on its back, head, and tail.
  • After application of MotherUp ® to the foster mother and orphan, allow the orphan to nurse for the first time while the foster mother is restrained in the “squeeze chute.” One application will generally work. May need to repeat process 12 hours later. One bottle will cover approximately 4-5 animals.Use only as directed. Avoid contact with eyes. Not for human consumption.

MotherUp is a grafting spray that helps a foster or natural mother
accept young orphan calves, colts, goats, and lambs. 


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