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***After almost 20 years in business, MotherUp livestock grafting spray is no longer in production. Our product will continue to be sold by our retailers as long as they have supply. Please check out our “Buy it Now” page to contact a retailer! Thank you for your business. We will miss all of our wonderful customers! —November 2022***

Whenever a mother rejects a baby, whether it is biologically hers or an orphaned young animal, grafting becomes necessary. It is common for a new mother to reject its own young. This is usually due to inexperience and lack of mothering instinct in a mother who has not given birth before.

The second instance where grafting becomes necessary is when a mother has lost its biological baby and an orphaned baby is given to her. The mother often does not accept the orphaned calf because it is not biologically hers. She will often reject and even harm the calf in order to keep it from feeding.

MotherUp aids a rancher or breeder in grafting an orphaned newborn animal onto a foster mother or else a rejected newborn animal onto its biological mother. Because MotherUp is made with no animal-by products and comes in a convenient spray bottle, it is more pleasant, more consistent, and less messy than traditional methods of grafting.


Contains distilled water, natural essential oils, and Polysorbate 80.

Bottle Size:

Product contains 16 fluid ounces (473 ml) in a bottle with a trigger sprayer.
Product of the USA. Patent pending.


If possible, keep at room temperature. If product freezes, allow to thaw before using. Shake well before applying. Product will not be harmed if it freezes.

Company History: 

MotherUp was invented by a family member over 15 years ago, and our family grows the essential oils that are used in our product. MotherUp is made in the USA. Patent pending.

MotherUp is a fast and effective product to aid in livestock adoption
by a natural or adoptive mother.

We offer a money-back guarantee because we believe in our product!